Guided Meditations

Most of these meditations and/or music tracks can be downloaded here.

Manifestation Meditation (2nd Manifestation) by Paul Babin

A revision: Fewer words. Less interruptions. Inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza’s “Changing Your Beliefs and Perceptions”

Find Serenity – A Meditation on the Prayer by Paul Babin

This 19 minute, guided meditation is designed to help you restore peace and clarity in your life. It’s a deep dive into the power and wisdom contained in the Serenity Prayer.

Access Your Wisdom – a Guided Meditation by Paul Babin

This 21 minute, guided meditation will take you on a journey to meet your innate wisdom.

  • Let go of any preconceptions and surrender into the experience.
  • Be open to whatever form your wisdom appears as.
  • I highly recommend you use ear buds or over the ear headphones to enjoy the full benefit of this recording.

Start the Day Empowered – A Guided Meditation by Paul Babin

This is a 15 minute, guided meditation that will assist you in connecting with your power and remaining in a state of calm centeredness. I suggest you do this first thing in the morning, before looking at your phone. If possible use over-the-ear headphones.

Release Fear – A Guided Meditation by Paul Babin

A 12 minute Guided Meditation to help you release fear, take action, and move forward. If possible use over-the-ear headphones.

Let Go of Negativity, Anger, Fear, & Upset with Ho’Oponopono Meditation

This is a 32 minute, guided meditation that will help you let go of negative self-judgment and reconnect with the loving YOU.

Joe Dispenza – “Changing Your Beliefs and Perceptions” Meditation (reading and music by Paul Babin)

The Guided Meditation is from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book You Are the Placebo, pps. 313-319.

*Regarding the concept of “space” in the first (induction) part of the meditation: from You Are the Placebo, p 272 – 274:

“The meditation… begins with a technique the Buddhists call “open focus.” It’s very helpful for getting into the altered state we’re trying to achieve, because in our normal day to day existence, living in survival mode and marinating in stress hormones, we are naturally very narrow focused. We put all our attention on objects, people, and problems in our external environment (focusing on the particle or matter, not on the wave or energy), and we define reality by our senses. We can call that type of attention object focused.… In the open focus technique, on the other hand, we close our eyes, take our attention off everything material in our outer world and its trappings, and instead open our focus to pay attention to the space around us (on the wave instead of the particle). The reason it works is that when we are sensing this space we’re not giving our attention to anything physical and we’re not thinking. Our brainwave patterns shift to more restful and creative alpha state,… And we are in a much better position to make the changes we want to make.”

Joe Dispenza – “Blessing of the Energy Centers” Meditation (reading and music by Paul Babin)

Basic Instructions from Joe Dispenza:

• Find a quiet and secluded place. You may want to use an eye mask to eliminate as much light as possible.

• This is a seated meditation, so make sure you’re sitting up either in a chair that is comfortable or seated on the floor with legs crossed and a pillow under your hips. Your back should be straight.

Most of these meditations and/or music tracks can be downloaded here.

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Manifestation Meditation

Inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza's "Changing Your Beliefs and Perceptions," this guided meditation is designed to bring you into an energetic state of change by becoming present, releasing limiting beliefs, emotionally experiencing what you [...]

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