This year, 2015, has been a challenging year for me. I’m not surprised. I knew it would be when I decided to make changes regarding my career, my relationship and my living situation – all at once.

The year has brought a roller coaster ride of triggering upsets. This week it was as though I was allowed to rise above the chaos for a breather, a chance to pause. When I did, I realized how much of this year has been gnawingly uncomfortable.

This week I also read this passage from the book, Overcoming Underearning by author and speaker Barbara Stanny:


“Every time you go to do something different, every time you deviate from the norm, every time you break a habit or end a pattern, your brain cries, “Stop, this doesn’t feel right! Don’t do it.”


The number one requirement for financial success (or success in anything for that matter) is simply this: You’ve got to be willing to be uncomfortable. Or as Eastern wisdom advocates, “Embrace what does not come naturally. Only then will you stop limiting yourself.”

Discomfort is an automatic response to anything out of the ordinary. The ability to tolerate discomfort is absolutely essential to go to the next level in any area of your life. Anxiety, fear, worry, nervousness, resistance… all these are normal reactions to new situations. It need not mean something’s wrong. It just means that something is different.

Oh…that’s right. I knew this. But I guess I forgot.

I’ll never forget standing next to James Cameron on set, in the middle of some tension filled delay that was costing the production of Terminator 2 to balloon beyond comprehension. It was abundantly clear as I stared at him that it was all riding on his shoulders. He saw me looking at him with concern.  “If it was easy, anyone could do it,” he said.

So what can I do differently next time I embark a course of change and it starts to get uncomfortable ? There is one choice that will significantly reduce the upset.

DON’T MAKE IT WRONG….the discomfort, that is.

Accept it. Factor it in like we do when we start a new routine of physical exercise and wake up with sore muscle tissue. Unless we’re really delusional, we admit and recognize that it’s part of the process of getting back in shape and continue on the next day.

Making it wrong only doubles down on the discomfort.