The Place Beneath is an 18-minute documentary I made about my lifelong best friend Doug Wright. Doug was an inspirational teacher and artist. We met at the age of 17 when we were dating sisters and soon discovered that we shared a passion for music, laughter, and artistic creation. We also soon discovered that we were both only-children who were born on the very same day in 1952.
In 2009, four months after losing his health insurance, Doug was diagnosed with lung cancer. The events depicted in the film cover this time and took place during the congressional debates over what would become “Obama-care.” What started out as a portrait of my dear friend became a part of my grieving process as well as a look at a health care system that was, and remains, very broken.

Drama, 30 minutes. Written and directed by Paul C Babin.

In the barrios of East Los Angeles, 15 year old Mateo is caretaker to his manic depressive mother. To survive, he sells drugs while reconciling a faith that judges him a sinner from birth. When his mother’s abusive boyfriend re-enters their lives, Mateo must act decisively, ask God to look the other way, and do what has to be done.
This is a dark story. It reflects an equally dark time in my life. Though I’m proud of my creative choices in the telling of this story, I’m grateful to say, I could never make this film again, because I’m no longer the man who made it.

Jens Lindemann, Wayne Bergeron and Arturo Sandoval – three of the world’s finest, virtuoso trumpet players – do a sendup of “The Godfather” in this 5 minute, comedic promo for Gard Bags.

“Breathe” a 1 minute PSA for the American Lung Association

This 6 minute music video features the multi-talented Del Hunter-White. Del does a cover of “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. I directed and Nan Hagen wrote the script.