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A Course In Miracles – Resources

A Course In Miracles Resources I use this app  on my Iphone made by the Foundation for Inner Peace. I highly recommend it. It costs $6 and has really helpful features. - Paul this is  from their web site: In addition to providing convenient access to the full text of the 365 daily lessons from the Course's "Workbook for Students," THIS APP HAS BUILT-IN REMINDER ALERTS which have been preset with specific text to be remembered for the [...]

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Resentful? Angry? Exhausted? …….Happy Holidays

Resentful? Angry? Exhausted? If ever there was a time of year for these symptoms to overwhelm us - it's now. Happy Holidays! This is the time of year I would find myself trapped in a vague, unconscious setup that went like this: "If... I can just choose the right gift." "If... I can just get the house in order and prepare a dinner that people enjoy." "If... I can just tolerate her behavior for the day, ..then I'll [...]

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Effortless Manifestation

A very talented artist emailed me this week expressing her frustration at not manifesting what she wants. "How can I ask God who I sincerely believes wants me to excel, and exceed, and go beyond, and loves me deeply to assist me in making this happen? How can my GodSelf mirror into my GodAll so that manifestation happens effortlessly and in evident providential timing?" My reply: First, you are talented, precious, and amazing. That is a fact. That [...]

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Stop Knowing. Start Learning.

In this talk, The Democratization of Genius, Inventor and Google Genius, Tom Chi, highlights 5 mental debugs to redefine how we view the world and how we can unlock human psychology towards global prosperity. Tom Chi has had an amazing, diverse professional background (from being an astrophysics researcher to a Fortunate 500 consultant). His innovative ideas on leadership, human development, and entrepreneurship around the globe have influenced thousands. Contents: 05:11 Tom Chi had a burst in his lower [...]

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HEAL, a Guided Meditation Series

Western Medicine is finally coming around to recognizing the link between mental and physical health. The experience of a major health crisis  is often the first clue to repressed or unprocessed emotional wounds in a patient.  For that reason, these guided meditations are designed to give you the opportunity to FEEL and process feelings in way you may not have allowed yourself before. Each guided meditation introduces a different tool to use in understanding and RELEASING emotions. Before [...]

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