Resentful? Angry? Exhausted? If ever there was a time of year for these symptoms to overwhelm us – it’s now.

Happy Holidays!

This is the time of year I would find myself trapped in a vague, unconscious setup that went like this:

“If… I can just choose the right gift.”

“If… I can just get the house in order and prepare a dinner that people enjoy.”

“If… I can just tolerate her behavior for the day, ..then I’ll feel okay about myself.”

The unhealthy and unconscious habit of doing for others and ignoring our own needs and wants is the life we people pleasers find ourselves stuck in. Questions like, “What do I need? What do I really want?” are rarely considered and difficult to answer, even when we do pause to ask. If this is your challenge, (it was mine for most of my life), take a listen. There are steps you can take immediately to find a healthier balance of self-care and serving others.

It turns out: Everyone benefits when we make self-honoring choices.