I work with creative people who want to enhance the quality of their life and work.

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People who want:

  • less stress and more happiness
  • a life that’s creatively fulfilling and calls forward their unique gifts and talents
  • the serenity that comes with genuine self-confidence
  • greater clarity about the choices available and how to make them
  • more peace with their family and co-workers
  • to experience all aspects of life while feeling centered and calm
  • more courage in the face of not knowing “how it’s going to turn out”

“Paul helped me see myself in a whole new light and understand some of the patterns of behaviour I’d been subconsciously been repeating for decades.  He was also open to challenge and questions, both critical factors in building rapport and trust.   I am very grateful to Paul for being my guide during one of the most testing times in my life, and helping me find ways to move forward with greater clarity and inner peace.” – Rohini Rathour, Leadership Coach & Mentor

HEAL is a 6 part series of Guided Meditations for women recovering from a major health challenge. Inspired by the work of: Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Mary Hulnick, Dr. Ron Hulnick, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Robert Holden, and Louise Hay This series of meditations is designed to support you in: 1. letting go of emotional energy tied to the past 2. focusing awareness on the field of infinite potential 3. stepping into a future of health and experiencing it as a heart-felt, present reality

Podcast Interview 2019


From a talk, Fearless Filmmaking, presented to the San Diego Filmmakers.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re successful, but something is missing.
  • You’ve lost the passion you once had for your work. You’re “phoning it in.”
  • The people working for you are unhappy, disinterested, and unsupportive.
  • It’s time for a change. Or things are changing. And the future looks bleak.
  • You keep asking, What’s my purpose in this life? 
  • You’re doing things that create chaos and hurt the people you love – including yourself. It’s time to do something different.
  • Since the break up, you’re pessimistic about ever falling in love or feeling intimacy again.

These are challenging. I know, I’ve been there.

What I learned was:

  • Creating a fulfilling life is an “inside job.” Empowerment begins with the courage to examine my thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.
  • All  people, circumstances, and events in my life are a mirror image of how I am treating myself.
  • There are tools available to end suffering and get you moving forward again – one step at a time (the good news: one of the tools is having fun).
  • The support of an experienced mentor, coach or therapist is essential in turning immovable challenge into meaningful change.
  • The most effective form of leadership, at home or in your profession, is to walk your talk. In other words:  Be what you want those around you to be.
  • Every “crisis,” every “mistake” is a learning opportunity. When we let go of negative self judgments, take action, and apply the wisdom we’ve gained – really good stuff happens.

“I was in a bleak emotional state, probably the lowest I have felt in my life. Paul totally focussed on my wellbeing and helped me shine the light of consciousness on my darkest shadows – my fears, my conditioning, programs that were unconsciously running my life. With his immense compassion and presence, Paul has helped me to find my center, my inner balance, strength and perspective.” – Colin Ashcroft

“It was like this wet, heavy blanket of fear, misery, self-doubt, self-blame and suffering had been lifted, and I’ was left feeling open and free. Paul has deep understanding and insight. He was a source of inspiration and spiritual connection who listened and challenged me to be my best. He shared a lifetime of experience and tools to use to stay on track and set me free!” – Lynn Connell

“Paul made it possible for me to end a decades-long cycle I had been trapped in of high energy (until I reached a point of discomfort), followed by periods of crippling, emotional lows. He led me through a process of working with my deep, inner issues, while at the same time creating a program of self-honoring, practical steps to build and maintain my energy and self-confidence. “ – Laine Mervis

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In this complimentary session, lasting up to 90 minutes, we can look at what you really want in your life, and what’s keeping you from having it. We can step back and look at the big picture, focus on challenging details, or both.   We’ll try out tools you can use right away to get “unstuck” and back on the path of a happy and fulfilling life.

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“In 1992, I was hired to be the camera operator on movie that would change my life, and would forever shift how I looked at the unique, collaborative, creation process we call filmmaking…

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